Last chance to contribute to the BIOMATDB Database and Marketplace Surveys

At BIOMATDB, we strongly believe that our stakeholders hold the key to designing a cutting-edge database and marketplace for biomaterials. Whether they are seeking in-depth knowledge about biomaterials in medical applications or exploring the possibilities of acquiring biomaterials or financial resources for their development, the voices of our stakeholders matter. Their expertise is the driving force behind our success.

For this reason, BIOMATDB has carefully crafted stakeholder-specific surveys for the development of the BIOMATDB database and marketplace and is delighted to have already received 120 responses of experts. Become one of them and use this last month to take part in our surveys!

The Biomaterial Database

The BIOMATDB Database, launching in the first half of this year, will provide detailed information about a vast number of medical biomaterials. Visualisations and graphs will help to make the information more accessible as well as easier to analyse. The database is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), but the data is curated and validated by our BIOMATDB consortium experts. The BIOMATDB Database will be an invaluable tool for all scientists, researchers, but also companies or investors that are trying to find out more about a specific biomaterial and its use for medical applications.

Figure 1: Screenshot of the Biomaterial Database Start Page (Demo Data)
Figure 2: Screenshot of the Biomaterial Database Dashboard View with Visualisations (Demo Data)
The Biomaterial Marketplace

The BIOMATDB Marketplace will launch in the first half of 2024 as a place for you to find or learn about biomaterials and related
services or medical devices. People interested in finding or purchasing biomaterials, medical devices or related services can navigate easily between the different categories on the marketplace, compare products, or filter them based on a variety of properties. Users will be able to find the latest news about products or companies, product or company brochures as well as interesting upcoming events all in one place. Are you a supplier of biomaterials or of devices made out of medical biomaterials? Then the marketplace will offer you vast possibilities to present your products and your company to a large audience. Take a glimpse into the Biomaterials Marketplace with the screenshots below. 

Figure 3: Screenshot of the Biomaterial Marketplace Start Page (Demo Data)
Figure 4: Screenshots of the Biomaterial Marketplace Supplier Dashboard and Detail View (Demo Data)

We invite anyone interested in potentially using our BIOMATERIAL DATABASE or BIOMATERIAL MARKETPLACE to participate in our stakeholder survey and to share your opinion on how we can make the database and marketplace the most useful tool for you!

The survey is running until May 17. Take your last chance and participate!

All responses are collected anonymously and the data will be used only for the purpose of the BIOMATDB project. Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions!

Author: Celine Rabe


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